Key Features

We have access to lenders who can provide loans and buy to let mortgages for offshore limited companies, secured on UK property.

Due to the company being offshore the lender will require specialist legal advice. This is to ensure the company has the power to borrow in the country or jurisdiction that the company is registered.

Our lenders will consider all jurisdictions. As long as legal advice can be obtained, but they do prefer the well-established ones such as:

  • British Virgins Islands
  • Channel Islands (Jersey & Guernsey)
  • Cayman Islands
  • Isle of Man
  • Gibraltar

Lenders also prefer flat structures where the directors/shareholders of the company can be clearly identified. Not complex structures that require additional legal work.

These are some of the criteria that will decide the lender and the financing terms they can provide

  • The quality of the property (Location, condition, type of property)
  • Are the directors/shareholders UK residents or offshore residents
  • The income stream that the property produces and the quality and reliability of the income

We can also provide buy to let mortgages for Offshore trusts and UK registered trusts. Please visit our dedicated pages on Offshore trusts and UK registered trusts to find out more.

We shall be adding more information on this area in the near future but in the meantime if you would like to discuss buy to let mortgages for offshore limited companies or if you have any questions regarding offshore limited companies, Contact us.

Further Information You May Find Useful

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