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Development Loans for New Builds

Property development loans explained:
Are you looking for financial help with your next development project?

What are Property Development Loans? These are short-term, interest-only property loans to assist developers with the purchase and build costs of their commercial, residential or mixed-use projects; which are paid in stages. 

All types of development sites can be considered by our side panel of lenders that specialise in this sector. Having an experienced Mortgage Adviser is highly recommended, due to the complexity of these loans.

We can source Property Development Loans for:

  • Land With Planning / Pre-Construction
  • Residential Developments
  • Regulated Self Build
  • Commercial Development Sites
  • Developer Exit / Pre-Sell Loans
  • Senior Stretched Loans
  • Planning Gain
  • Mezzanine Finance / Junior Debt
  • Third-Party / JV
  • Vendor Deferred Schemes
Key Features: Property Development Loans
  • Typical interest rates and fees – Call our advisers
  • Property Development Loans from £100,000 to £50 million; subject to affordability and credit criteria
  • Loan to values up to 75% (100% with cross charges)
  • Loan to values below 50% could be eligible for standard BTL mortgages, thereby benefitting from lower interest rates
  • Mortgage Term: 1 to 30 years
  • Payments: interest only / capital repayment / part capital / interest compounded / rolled or retained (no monthly payments)
  • Purchase / Refinancing / Capital Raising (any purpose)
  • No minimum outside income / All income types
  • No max of number of rooms / units (X to XX)
  • No max of number of tenancies
  • All credit histories: High Net Worth to Credit Repair
  • All applicant types: Individuals / Corporate (Ltd Co’s) / SSAS etc
  • All tenures: Freehold / Leasehold (no minimum term)
  • All residential tenants: Working, Students, LHA benefits
  • All residential tenancies: AST to Corporate Leases
  • All business tenants: No restrictions on industry/sector
  • All business tenancies: Fully repairing leases / Licences
  • EPC-enhanced products available


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Advantages of Property Development Loans

  • High returns on investments are possible
  • Short-term funding available
  • Rolled up interested so no monthly payments.
  • Exit strategy agreed upon up-front.
  • Funds are available for you to complete the works yourself.

Disadvantages of Property Development Loans

  • Unexpected delays in build can create setbacks
  • Projects can be time consuming
  • Unexpected costs could occur

How can YOU benefit from our advice?

  • If speed is essential to the transaction, our advisers will prioritise your case to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Our Advisers have expert knowledge when it comes to Property Development Loans.
  • We offer a FREE assessment and have a no upfront fee policy. Our typical fee for 99% of our clients is capped at £395
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