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MUFB Property: The Importance of a Good Solicitor

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Why Would You Need a Good Solicitor When Purchasing a MUFB Property?

For example, if you are purchasing a property and you have a tight deadline to hit.

I recently had a client who was purchasing a Multi Unit Freehold Block (MUFB) of 9 flats and was keen to complete the purchase before the end of May 2024, so they could benefit from Multi Dwelling Relief (saving them £14,000).

Due to some obstacles along the way, the mortgage offer did not get issued until the 14th of May, which then only left 13 working days for the solicitor to complete the purchase.

Typically, completing a purchase within this timeframe would be very difficult, especially when a full title investigation is required.


Doing your Research is Key!

In the above scenario, my client spent the time to speak with as many solicitor firms as possible to find someone who was willing to priorities their case and make it happen within the tight deadline.

The solicitor they chose was able to do just that and successfully completed the purchase on the 31st of May.

In this particular case, the solicitor did charge a premium for this speedy service, however when considering the substantial savings made, this was a brilliant outcome for my client.


How to Ensure a Quick MUFB Property Completion

It is so important to speak with solicitors upfront to gauge their workload, especially if you need to complete by a specific date.

The above scenario is an excellent example of how being honest and upfront with a solicitor can help you meet your goals and avoid unnecessary stress.


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