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HMO & MUFB Mortgages – How to get the BEST Rates & a FREE Valuation!

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Not only do we have a mortgage product that provides a free commercial/investment valuation on a multi-unit freehold block of flats (MUFB) and large houses in multiple occupations (HMO), which would normally cost a minimum of £1,000, but the same lender is also offering the most competitive MUFB/HMO interest rates in the BTL market.

Purchasing/refinancing MUFBs & large HMOs in the most cost-effective way

We understand that in the current market, maximising all potential savings available when it comes to the costs associated with taking out a mortgage is very important. It is easy to focus on just the interest rate being charged when deciding if a mortgage is competitive, however, there are many more things to consider throughout the process when it comes to a product’s competitiveness in the market.

The typical things you should look out for would be:

  • The interest rate being charged.
  • Upfront application fees.
  • Valuation fees.
  • Legal fees.
  • Arrangement fees.
  • Broker fees.


So when a MUFB/HMO product is available that comes with:

  • The best interest rate on the market.
  • Options for both a fixed arrangement fee or a percentage-based fee.
  • A £299 upfront application fee.
  • A free valuation.
  • Access to over 2,500 solicitor firms to act on behalf of both yourself and the lender…

It’s a no-brainer for you to consider this product as an option for your portfolio of properties!

But do you have to pay a large broker fee just to get access to this product? Not when using the services of Advocate Finance. With all upfront work being carried out for free and only one fixed fee of £395 being charged once we are able to provide you with a legally binding mortgage offer, it makes this proposition even more appealing.

How can Advocate Finance help?

If you currently own a portfolio consisting of multi-unit freehold blocks & HMOs and you are looking to remortgage these assets, or if you’re looking to purchase one of these assets then we are here to help. We may be able to find you the most competitive deal on the market, no matter what your current situation may be.

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Henry Barley

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Picture of Henry Barley

Henry Barley

Senior Property Finance Adviser | | 01206 544333