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Free Credit Check and How it can Help your Adviser 

For many investors, credit files can cause issues when trying to obtain property finance and mortgages. Adverse credit in lenders eyes is a red flag when deciding on whether to lend to an individual or not, so obtaining a full credit report can help us place your enquiry efficiently and effectively whilst spotting any causes for concern. 

Check My File 

When applying for a loan, mortgage or any credit facility, lenders check your credit file. However, as there are 3 main credit agencies for reporting credit, it can be time-consuming to obtain data from each provider. We recommend Check my file because it provides data from these 3 leading UK agencies in one report. Quicker and easier for you and provides all the data we need to assess your case. 

How does this help your Adviser? We can spot any discrepancies on your file in advance and subsequently place your enquiry with a lender who allows for an element of adverse credit. The main advantage, however, of obtaining a multi-agency credit report, is the fact that many lenders only use data from one or two of the three main agencies, and equally only report to one or two of these agencies. Why is this important? If your missed payment is showing on one agency, but not on the others, then your enquiry can be placed with a lender that does not use that credit agency for their credit check, therefore, allowing you to potentially benefit from better products, rather than those that allow for adverse credit which is typically more expensive. 

If you are aware of adverse credit on your credit file or are wanting to check your file before submitting your enquiry with us then click on this link to obtain a free copy of your credit report FREE 30-day trial with Check my file

Once you have obtained your credit report, send me a copy along with your enquiry for your free assessment. 

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