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Case Study – Buy to let mortgage with a County Court Judgement (CCJ)


Periodically, we come across cases which we believe other property investors would be interested to learn about. The summary below is one such case, highlighting the client’s unique requirements and how we provided a solution they were happy with. We hope you find this recent case study helpful.

The Property

A single, self-contained flat let as short-term accommodation for holiday lets / Airbnb.

Client Background

Our client was previously a senior manager in a large technology firm with a strong financial position and a commercial focused mind. The client recently decided to leave his corporate life behind and begin developing his property portfolio.

Client’s Requirements

The client was looking to refinance their single self-contained flat which was held in their limited company. The client was also aiming to raise funds to further grow their portfolio of short-term let properties.

The client had recently moved address, and during this time they received an invoice. This invoice was posted to the previous address,  the client was left unaware and did not pay this invoice.  A County Court Judgement was then issued. As soon as the client was notified of this CCJ, they satisfied it immediately.

The client approached a high street bank, but the application was rejected due to the CCJ.


Thanks to our experience and expertise within the property mortgage market, we were able to help secure funding for our client.

We have access to a lender who will listen to a client’s individual circumstances and can, by exception, consider lending to clients who have had a County Court Judgement that has been satisfied.

We approached the lender in question who was able to listen to the client’s individual circumstances. Our lender was able to take into account the client’s income, experience, and the quality of the asset being mortgaged. Thanks to this, our lender was able to accept the satisfied County Court Judgement by exception, and we were able to secure funding for the client.

Not only was our lender able to accept the client’s circumstances, but they were also able to proceed with a free Automatic Valuation, allowing the client to save on costly valuation fees. Due to the case being a refinance, our lender was also able to offer the client non-representation at the legal stage, meaning the client was not required to instruct a solicitor to act on their behalf therefore saving them time and money.

Client Feedback

Ollie was a pleasure to deal with and I fully expect to be trading with him and Advocate Finance in the near future.

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