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BTL Mortgage for all of your Non-Traditional Construction Types!

Buy to let mortgage

Was your property built using Non-Traditional Construction Types? We could find the right Buy to Let Mortgage for YOU!

Are you struggling to find a BTL mortgage for a non-standard/modern method of construction property, just because it is not the traditional bricks and mortar that most lenders are comfortable with?

It is currently estimated that there are more than 25 million residential properties throughout the United Kingdom, from detached homes & flats to bungalows and cottages built using non-traditional construction types.

However, although many buildings might look similar at first glance, this does not necessarily mean that they have been constructed the same way, and the underlying materials used will often affect not only their cost and durability but most importantly, their suitability to a mortgage lender.

We come across a variety of different non-standard/modern method construction types when financing our client’s properties, such as:

Timber Frame Steel Frame Insulated Concrete Framework
Mundic Properties Thatched Roof Structural Insulated Panels
Durisol Block ThemoPlan Rockwool Duo Slab
HufHaus Beco Wallform Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete

Do some of these look familiar to you?

Most mortgage lenders tend not to be too keen on the above, which can put a bit of doubt into the mind of our investors.

Whether they may be looking at purchasing something new or looking to refinance a property they have owned for a while; it is often a question of  ‘is there even finance available for these non-traditional construction types?’ and if there is ‘will a Buy to Let mortgage for this property come at an extremely high cost?’

Therefore, the  expertise required to find a solution is far greater than the knowledge needed to place a deal for a simple standard construction type. Fortunately, being specialist advisers here at Advocate Finance, we can assist with your non-standard/modern method construction BTL mortgage needs.

How can Advocate Finance help?

We have access to mortgage products that are suitable for every single construction type currently used in this industry, whether it be one of the ones mentioned above or something slightly different.  Please contact us today, and we can help you to find your much-desired solution to raise finance on a property built using a non-standard/modern method construction type.

Our unique blend of experience, insight and ingenuity has given our clients the edge, an edge that you are probably missing out on.

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Henry Barley

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