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Are BTL opportunities being maximised by large portfolio landlords?

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During Countrywide Surveying Services’ recent regular webinar series, polls were undertaken to discover the opinions and thoughts on the current performance of the buy-to-let sector, the challenges and potential opportunities faced by landlords.

What did the results show?

According to one poll, it is believed that professional landlords and property investors are most likely to maximise upcoming opportunities to experience growth:

  • 66% expect landlords / property investors with a portfolio of 10+ properties to experience the most growth and opportunities across the BTL sector
  • 22% expect that those with 4-10 properties will have the most growth and opportunities
  • Only 12% believe that those with 1-3 properties will benefit

David Tonks, Director at Advocate Finance, says “From current experience, the trends that we are currently seeing are the professional landlords are seeking opportunities to continue to grow their portfolios, whereas those with portfolios of 1-3 properties don’t wish to continue in the industry and are selling their BTL properties.”

Another poll was taken during the webinar to find out thoughts on what could potentially happen to the BTL market during 2023:

  • 5% felt ‘very pessimistic’ for the BTL sector during 2023
  • 41% said they were ‘very’ or ‘somewhat confident’
  • 29% indicated that they were ‘neither confident nor pessimistic’
  • 25% suggesting that they were ‘slightly pessimistic’

When asked what they felt were the greatest challenges that they are currently facing in the BTL sector, the following answered:

  • 45% said their greatest challenge was the rise in interest rates
  • 18% said the increase in the cost of living
  • A further 18% said the upcoming EPC regulations
  • 19% saying greater regulations and escalating taxation

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