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85% Refurbishment Bridging Reintroduced


 Some excellent news in the property finance sector for investors and developers – the return of the 85% Loan to value (LTV) bridging product with Shawbrook Bank.  

You may borrow 100% of the refurbishment costs if the total LTV does not exceed 85% of the current valuation or 75% of the post-works value, whichever is lower  

This product is perfect for run-down properties in need of light refurbishment. Equally, it’s suitable for small HMO conversions and is a great way for investors to maximise their leverage. Light refurbishment is classed as any works which are non-structural and do not require any changes in planning. For example, a new kitchen and bathroom, decorating, or minor remedial works. After a light refurbishment, investors can significantly increase the rental income. Subsequently, this maximises the overall yield of the property. 

Shawbrook can retain the interest which means you will have no monthly payments throughout the term of the loan, which is another perk this product offers!  

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Megan Parkin

Senior Property Finance Adviser | | 01206 544333
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Picture of Megan Parkin

Megan Parkin

Senior Property Finance Adviser | | 01206 544333