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80% & 85% Loan to Value Property Refurbishment Loans

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80% & 85% Loan to Value Property Refurbishment Loans

On the back of Shawbrook Bank re-launching their 85% loan to value (LTV) light refurbishment mortgage. Castle Trust Bank have launched a 80% loan to value refurbishment finance product.

Both products are excellent news for property investors aiming to take run down or derelict properties that need to be modernised and post works are either sold to make a profit or refinanced with a buy to let mortgage.

These 80% and 85% LTV light refurbishment mortgages allow investors to borrow more than the previous standard of a maximum of 75% loan to value which was generally the maximum in the market.

A quick summary of these products are
  • Both allow light refurbishment works to a property
  • Both allow properties to be converted to Houses of multiple occupation (HMO)
  • Shawbrook 85% LTV and Castle Trust 80% LTV (proof of remaining deposit and funds for the works is required)
  • Properties requiring planning permission are not eligible (although we have access to other property refurbishment loan solutions for these cases)
  • Castle Trust light refurbishment mortgage does allow for  some structural works to be carried out


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