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Expat Landlords

Expatriate landlords explained:
From the perspective of a lender, an expat is an applicant who is a UK citizen that has previously resided in the UK for more than 3 years, during which time, built up a credit record with a mortgage history.

Due to career changes, the applicants are now working outside of the UK, usually with a multi-national company or Government body, however, they intend at some stage to return and reside in the UK.

Key Features: Expat Landlords
  • An Expat can be offered a mortgage for a buy-to-let.
  • All types of properties can be considered including flats, houses, HMOs & multi-unit blocks of flats to name a few.
  • The mortgages can even be considered in corporate applications such as single-purpose vehicle limited companies.

Is it difficult to obtain an Expat Buy-to-Let Mortgage

The vast majority of lenders will not accept these applications. However, we have access to a small panel of specialised lenders that have accepted Expat Landlord applicants.


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Advantages of being an Expat Landlord

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Disadvantages of being an Expat Landlord

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