Maximise your Buy Refurb Refinance Rent strategy with 85% funding

To assist with these projects we have available a 85% loan to value product that is aimed at helping property investors and developers buy these run-down properties, whilst minimising the funds the investor personally needs to put down as a deposit. Our dedicated page explains how the BRRR strategy works and why it is so popular with property investors.

As well as providing the highest loan to value in the market the other key benefits are:

  1. The loan will be based on the market value of the property, which is what you as an investor would expect the lender to use. At Advocate Finance we see some lenders quoting high loan to values but then upon further investigation, we discovered the loans are based on the Market value – 90 days day valuation, which can be a value 10%-15% lower than the true market value and effectively means it’s clever marketing but it is effectively a 75% or even lower property refurbishment loans that provide no additional funding to you.
  2. HMO conversations – You can also use this property refurbishment loan if you want to convert a house into a “simple” House in multiple occupation (HMO). For example, converting a standard house into a 6 bed or less HMO as long as the conversion does not require planning or any significant alterations to the layout of the property.

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