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FactFindCustomerProfile-1This page contains forms which you may find useful.  To download a form click on the relevant thumbnail.

Download the required form to your computer and save. Once you have completed the form please return it by email to admin@advocatefinance.co.uk


Personal Details – this form is for you to provide us information regarding your personal circumstances and to help us decide which would be the best mortgage funder for you.

Personal Details






Property Details – this is the form we use for you to provide us information regarding the security being offered to obtain the mortgage.

Fact Find Property






Loan Details – on this form, please provide us details of how much you would like the loan to be and the purpose of the loan.

Loan Details






Portfolio Summary – on this form, please enter the details of your existing buy to let and commercial investment properties.  If  you already have the information in a similar format, please forward to us as we may be able to use that.

Portfolio Summary