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Are You an Ex-Pat Looking for a Buy to Let Mortgage?Ex pat buy to let mortgages

If you are an ex-pat working for a multi-national company or government agency? You can still access buy to let / investment mortgages.

An ex pat buy to let mortgage is something many of the banks have shied away from recently. This is an area many lenders now consider to risky. However, through our panel of expert lenders, we have access to banks who will still consider this.

For the vast majority of lenders the requirement is still for the applicant to be living and working in the UK. But our lenders providing ex-pat buy to let mortgages have NO increase in interest rates over the mortgage products they provide to UK based applicants.

The lenders we have access to will provide ex pat buy to let mortgages for all types of investment properties. Such as standard residential properties, multi-unit properties. Even houses in multiple occupancy (HMO’s).

Many expats are buying property in the UK, ready for their return. Others see the investment opportunities of buying in cities like London, which offers high rental yield. Lenders have been noticing recently, the surge in demand from expats looking for buy to let products.

Lending Criteria for Ex-Pat Buy to Let Mortgages

  • The person must be a UK or EU National.
  • Must have been resident in the UK at some stage before being an ex-pat (some lenders have a requirements of within 5 years).
  • Must be employed by an multi-national company or government agency.
  • It would help if you had previously or currently own a UK property.

If your circumstances don’t match the above exactly or you would like to discuss anything further, then please contact us. We can provide expert advice in ex pat buy to let mortgages.