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Buy to Let Mortgages for Limited CompaniesBuy to let mortgages for limited companies

Using a limited company to invest in property has many advantages. For this reason, accountants often recommend buy to let mortgages for limited companies.This legal structure can maximise tax benefits.

Finding Buy to let mortgages for limited companies can be difficult. We can provide expert solutions to this problem. Limited company buy to let mortgages come in two types. One is a limited company that is a single purpose vehicle (SPV), whose sole purpose is to invest in property. The other type of limited company Buy to let mortgage is for a trading limited company whose main trading activity is something other than property investment and the directors want to use this limited company to purchase a buy to let property.

Understanding the differences between SPV’s and trading Ltd companies and the best solution for each type, requires specialist knowledge. As experts in arranging buy to let mortgages for limited companies, we can arrange the best solution for a Limited company buy to let mortgage.

Solutions for buy to let mortgages for limited companies:

  • Buy to let mortgages for single purpose vehicles (SPV’s) to hold property as an investment.
  • Trading under a Ltd company and want to use this Limited company to obtain the BTL mortgage.
  • We can also arrange finance for offshore limited companies, offshore trusts and UK registered trusts.
  • Solutions for shareholders that do not want be part of the mortgage application.
  • If your full time occupation is that of a property investor or if it is running a trading business.
  • Interest only or capital and interest options available.
  • 100% mortgages available with additional security.
  • 75% mortgages available without additional security.
  • All types of BTL properties can be funded through a Ltd company.


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